Isobaric cylindric-conical stainless steel fermenters

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Cylindric-conical stainless steel fermenters  from 500 to 5.000 litresisobaricisolated and cooling jacket


This vessel is used for beer fermentation at a controlled temperature up to a 3 Bar pressure.

Stainless steel isobaric upper lid.
Glass peephole.
Digital thermometer which measures temperatures  from -20ºC to + 40°C
Certified for a pressure up to 3 Bar.
Stainless steel butterfly valve.
DIN output for clearing
Bottom DIN output for yeast extraction.
CIP Ball cleaning system 
Cooling jacket in the body of the tank and, optionally, in the conical part.
CO2 output tube with pressure regulator up to 3 Bar and bubbler airlock.

Technical characteristics:

All parts in contact with the liquid are built instainless steel, quality AISI 304 (optional in AISI 316).
Cylindrical body with 60 degrees conical bottom
Pressure regulator up to 3 Bar.
Stainless steel security valve
Stainless steel Vacuum rupture valve
80 mm isolated chamber with injected polyurethane
1.5mm thickness  outer coat, welded and polished stainless steel sheet.

Weldings totally polished and pasivated both inside and outside.

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