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Hitachi lot number Ink Jet Printers
Marcador de lotes IC12 €2,783.00 tax incl.
€2,300.00 tax excl.

Hitachi lot number Ink Jet Printers

€0.00 tax incl.
€0.00 tax excl.
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Prints the lot number, bar code, logos, etc.. directly on the bottle, in the capsule, the label ...


Prints the lot number , bar code , logos, etc. . directly on the bottle, in the capsule , the label ...

The nozzle can be placed at a distance of 30 cm from the object to be marked.

Easy handling and maintenance.

The equipment allows maximum accessibility to the ink circuit and electronic faciltar cabin for maximum installation and preventive maintenance.

Reloading supplies is absolutely clean , with sealed bottles that prevent accidental spills. The bottles are free of chips and expiration codes.

The message being printed is displayed on the screen with actual quality (WYSIWYG ) . The function buttons are Mustra as icons for their usefulness quickly. The basic parameters , such as the role of the source or the number of lines can be selected directly.

The circuit filters ink and RX iinstalan desintalan without ninguma tool : even a child could do it.

The head is built entirely in aluminum casting for maximum strength . The head is designed to work in harsh environments.

The RX serious system incorporates a novel ink decompression circuit for the immediate stop and clean stream, in the case that the electric current is cut unexpectedly.

The self-cleaning processes and off feeding are combined into a single function, pressing a single button. At the end of the day you only need to press a button to clean the head and disconnect the equipment.

The RX series has a wide range of chrome-free products, as well ethanol-based inks. The ink consumption JP - K69 is less than 3.5 ml / hour.

The high speed of the RX series meet the high demands of the new production lines. The superior quality of impresión this printer has been achieved thanks to new advanced electronic control.

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